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We provide Security Assessments for Businesses, Churches and Schools


We're here to help
every step of the way

We're here to help
every step of the way

Holding a higher standard

Hands on CPR

Safety Assessment Training

1. Shout for help and dail 911 if needed

2. Prepare to do Hands Only CPR!

Identify potential vulnerabilities for convenience
stores, churches, and schools.
1.Emergency relocation

2.Reunification sites
3. No sign of life continues CPR.

4. Continue CPR now do not stop until the victim comes to life or you are told to stop by EMS.
3.Site assessments

4. Cameras and computers survey

Meeting your business needs.
We're experts in this new an exciting space of Safety Technology.

Your safety is very importance to us.

At Think 5-0 Now if we add any new features to an existing app.

Every two years to give you a better experience. 

You will not be charge for any upgrades.

If we says the app cost $4.99 it's $4.99 a one time fee for life.

Safety APP

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
How to Handle Critical Crisis app
Acomprehensive guide that covers every external crisis that a school
or business could potential face.
How to prepare for Gas leaks, Flooding, Tornado , intruders, unruly person and suspicious packages
Arm Safety System app
A simple , effective and cost worthy system for work, school or home,
How to prepare for a Tornado,Fire, and Active shooter
Star Bus app
An innovative technology
company  based in Atlanta, Georgia
the purpose of this app is to aid in the prevention of kids being left on a bus or lost in an outing.
How to prepare and return from a trip.
We are making safety easier on your phone or tablet.
Making crisis management 
possible in just a few clicks